Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fairy Art

I found a way to sell my artwork without selling the original! I am too attached to my watercolors to sell the originals, but I really wanted to see what I could do with them.
I thought this shadow box was a great idea and I had so much fun making it.

I got copies of my artwork done and then with an exacto knife, I cut out the fairy image so I could use it in my collage. It took over an hour!

I sometimes wonder if I will ever be truly successful in selling my artwork. I would love to illustrate books and continue painting for a full time job.

Finding the creative energy I need with a 3 year old and a 5 month old clamoring for my attention all day, everyday really takes it out of me.

I was so proud of myself for finishing this shadow box. It took around 5 hours total to finish and I love how it turned out.

Fairy Crowns

Every little girl loves being beautiful and loves being a princess! Especially my girl.

Emma's best friend Caleb came over to play and he is such a good buddy. He wanted to wear a crown too!

Future blackmail photo??

New Fairy Night Lights!!

I am so excited about my new fairy night lights.

My daughter loves them too.

Your little girl can go to sleep knowing that she keeps magical company!

This night light flickers like candle light (it is an LED candle so it does NOT get hot) and when it is lit, it looks like a fairy is dancing around inside the house.
This house also comes with two miniature fairy thrones. I used glass beads for some of the windows and they look so pretty when the candle is lit.

This house is small enough to fit just about anywhere (6" tall) and it gives off a good glow. I added quite a bit of glitter, so it sparkles and shines during the day too! Just lift the house off the base to access the candle and turn the light on and off. No cords or wires.
Batteries are included (3 Button Cell LR44) and last around 100 hours.

Not intended for children under 4 because the batteries in the candle are very small and may pose a choking hazard.