Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids are AWESOME

You know...I mentioned how busy I have been and how distracted I have been....
I find myself rushing through each day, hardly taking a breath at times, just trying to push through. I wonder- what am I pushing through for? Where am I trying to go??

I am reminded to just take in each moment, even when I am stressed to the max, by my precious daughter who looks at the world with fresh, new eyes. Her soft heart and open mind take it all in- making old things new.

Just the other day, we were walking to the mailbox, and of course I was trying to go as quickly as possible because I had so many chores to do. She stopped when she saw a dandelion and exclaimed "Mama! A flower! Look this one if for wishing!" I turned and saw the sheer delight in her face and so I told her to make a wish. We kept walking and she was just behind me. I heard her say very softly, "I wish that mama would make a cake today- with strawberry icing. I really like cake". Then she blew the tiny seeds to the wind.

Those soft words melted my heart! I thought: THIS is what it is all about. THIS minute has a chance to become immortal in our memories. I have to submit to each minute, each situation individually, even when my body seems to tremble with pressure, and give in to the fact that before I am anything aside from a child loved by God, I am a mama. That is my priority. That is my mission right now.

Sometimes I am captured by the American dream which can so easily turn into a nightmare. I feel like I am not doing I am missing I should be doing something more substantial, when REALLY all I am supposed to be doing is joining my daughter in her wish making and baking strawberry cake.


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