Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Joyful Heart Makes Joyful Creations!

Well, I am happy to say that returning to work has not broken my heart completely.

I miss my kids so much, but because I love what I am doing, I am actually quite happy. Morning are still difficult with Emma as she wants to be with me and she wants to come to work with me. I got tears in my eyes when she said "Mama, I want to come to work with you. I promise I will be good and I will be a hard worker." Ugh...that made me so sad.

When I get home we play all sorts of games and try to do a craft of some sort, but it is challenging when I am trying to get dinner ready, feed Ethan, finish laundry, etc. I need to blow my chores off and just have fun with her as that is really what she needs. I mean really, is it more important to be remembered as being a great cleaner or a great mom??

I promise tonight I will just be a great mom and blow off the 'perfect house syndrome'.

Anyway, since I am enj0ying work and life in general, I have found that I still have the heart and energy to create. I will write a little later about my latest project...I am creating fairy kits!!!


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