Monday, December 29, 2008

Mermaid Cove Fairy Dwelling

Fairies and Mermaids have had a partnership for thousands of years and in the past few hundred years, their bond has strengthened a great deal. When man started to sail the seas, mermaids were often caught unaware sunning on small islands or sometimes out of curiosity, they would swim along side the great ships thinking they were a new kind of ocean animal. Mermaids quickly learned that is was not wise to make themselves known to the sailors who tried to catch them in their great fishing nets. With the help of seagulls and the Wind, the mermaids cry for help reached the ears of the Fae. After much discussion, Queen Eldablossom called her bravest and most adventurous fairies to the Rainbow Table and charged them with the task of following ships out to sea to warn mermaids of their approach. These brave fairies would hide in the great ships' masts or sometimes they would ride birds of the sea to do this dangerous and sometimes lonely job. Thousands of fairies and sea life have now been properly trained in the warning system for mermaids' well being and secrecy. These fairies prefer to live on the coast, listening to crashing waves and smelling the salt air.

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