Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness II

So to get more specific about the contest, I am looking for stories about something you have done, something you have witnessed or something you have received as a random act of kindness. Maybe you know of someone special who constantly gives freely of themselves and is always looking out for other people's needs...

I had a great discussion going on my facebook fan page and then realized that facebook is NOT friendly toward give-aways, anyway, here are the comments so far:

from Krista:
Like you, I am inspired by "random kindness". Often times, senior citizens are lonely so I honestly try to chat, smile and just listen to a senior citizen whenever I have the chance. I work in the public sector and love to chat and joke with them. Smiling at someone goes a long way!! For some people, your smile can make their day! So, whenever you can.... smile, listen and laugh ...... and just be nice to people, in general! Jewel said it best in her hit song .... "In the End, only kindness matters". This is my personal motto and I always try to remember that!
Have a great day and I think you have a great thing going here.
I can imagine that you will certainly make someone's day by sending them some of your beautiful work.

Something else that I do on a regular basis is pay for the person's coffee that is behind you in the drive through line at my local coffee shop. This happened to me once and since then I try to return to favour at least once a month. Really, what is a couple of dollars, but its make the receipent smile. Remember to "pay it forward".
:), K

From Mariana:
This may not seem like much, but the results are surprising: I make sure that whenever I pay a cashier (especially at the drive-thru window, but really all cashiers) that I make eye-contact and smile at them as I thank them. If I have the chance to say something encouraging I do that too, but you would be amazed how their spirits lift just from getting actual eye contact.

I can't wait to see what everyone else posts!

My facebook fans and blogging followers (well, OK, so I don't have much of a following yet...) will vote on the best responses.

The winner will be announced November 13, World Kindness Day, and will receive something special from Songbird Gardens!

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