Monday, August 2, 2010

When it rains, it

Well, I just found out that I lost my job. Fantastic. I am joining millions of other Americans in that floating, abstract void of the dreaded job search.

I loved my job...I worked for an amazing company and I knew I was lucky to work there. Due to budget cuts and lay-offs, I had the least amount of tenure and I was let go.

It has not been easy. After ripping into three bottles of wine with my sweet husband and having a good laugh at myself, I feel much better. Red wine can make you do really stupid things, but you have moments of sheer brilliance (at least they seem brilliant at the time) that makes you feel you have a bit of control over your little world.

I have to take my kiddos out of daycare JUST as they were getting used to their school. Ugh, here is another transition kids. Great!

The drudgery of finding a new job is miserable at times, but I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and 9 times out of 10, you wind up being thankful for your trials.

I found some jobs that sound cool, but since I do not have an 'in' with them, I am worried my emails and resumes are invisible and will go unnoticed.

Still, I march on in my crafting adventures...keeping my house a fun place to be. I don't want to stress my kids out.

I painted lots of different glass items this weekend. If anything, this will allow me the time to really create and finally get back to that fairy story I have been working on. I wish someone would call me to do a mural in their house. I LOVE painting murals.

Anyway, I don't care that I am basically talking to myself right now. It just feels good to talk.

I find myself making breakfast for dinner and just ordering pizza these past few days. Breakfast for dinner makes me HAPPY. Actually, as long as I have a big fat cup of coffee, I am happy.

If you can remotely relate to anything I am saying, feel free to comment!

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